Prosperity Gold

Prosperity Gold follows many of the same concepts related to Liquidity, Liquidity Locking, Tokenomics, Transparent Team (Dox), Contract Audit, Etc. Prosperity Gold is part of our Prosperity Network which consists of Many Utilities, Innovative Developments and a Proven, Trustworthy Team with Longevity in Mind.

Our company’s primary focus is on gaming (Metaverse and Play-2-Earn), NFTs and learn-2-earn. Our NFTs and games will consist of; NFTmotors (NFT Trading Cards), racing game for iOS and Android, NFT Casino (both with Metaverse Integration), and a (FPS) First Person Shooter Game in 2023. Our Prosperity Academy will give you the opportunity to take courses for free while earning NFTs just for learning new skills. And our Prosperity Lottery will give you the chance to win one of our weekly and monthly Lotteries.

Prosperity Gold Utilities!

We at Prosperity Gold pride ourselves on bringing Real Usecases to the Crypto Industry.

Prosperity Lottery

Prosperity Lottery will host Weekly and Monthly Crypto-based Lottery Sales.

NFT Motors

NFT Motors is a Decentralized Non-fungible Trading Card Company by Prosperity Gold.

NFT Motors VR Showroom

Nft Motors VR Showroom is a Virtual Reality based Auto Dealership Showroom Floor with Vehicles and Decentralized Non-fungible Trading Cards on display.

Prosperity Academy

Prosperity Academy will be offering Free and Low Cost education with many different categories and courses.

Prosperity Metaverse

Prosperity Gold Metaverse will be a open map, free range and play to earn game with many of our utilities accessible within the Metaverse platform.

Prosperity Gold Blockchain

Prosperity EVM Blockchain has been undergoing development since May, 2022. Stay tuned for more updates.

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10% Taxes

Holder Reflections 4%

Liquidity Provider (LP) 2%

PRGD Marketing 4%

The Prosperity Gold Standard

The Prosperity Gold Standard is Requirements and Mandatory

Dox (Required)


Honesty (Required)


Transparent (Required)


Helpful (Required)


The Prosperity Gold Standard is a must from All Moderators and Core Members with no exceptions!

Every Moderator and Core Team Member are required to be Doxed, Honest, Transparent and Helpful. We must hold the Prosperity Gold brand to it’s highest standard!

The Sandbox Reflections

Prosperity Gold Holders will receieve 4% Reflections in SAND Token!

SAND Contract (Polygon):


Prosperity Gold Core Team

Twitter Accounts

Chief Executive OfficerDon Holmes III
Chief Financial OfficerJarmine Rivers
Information SpecialistDan Robinson
Marketing – African Rep.Ibrahim Balami
Social MediaTosin Ogidan
DevelopmentJason Kimbrough
MarketingChristian Chiduzie
3D DeveloperMarvellous Eneagor
Marketing / MediaRicky Cardona
NFT Motors CoordinatorJavas Fuller
DevelopmentNick Adamson
Information TechDurojaye James

NFT Motor Hangout

NFT Motors Hangout is a Full Social Media Platform hosted and maintained by the Prosperity Gold Team. NFT Motors Hangout has Private Messages, Group Chat (Private and Public), User Profiles, Friend Request, Car Clubs, Post, Comments, Etc.